What Is Public Relations?

What is PR_

Hello! I know you love my tips about how to succeed at public relations and this will be the most helpful yet! I know you are thinking “Rachel, where is your picture?”, well i decided to create an infographic about the main components of Public Relations. These 5 Elements will lead you to succeed! I got my advice from Forbes.Com!

  1. Image- As a Public Relations Professional you are constantly trying to create images to make the person or company you are representing look GOOD. The more communication and details professional’s use to make positive images the better the reputation.
  2. Preparation-Always be prepared! The more a PR professional is ready to handle the good, bad, and the ugly the better the situation will be handled. Always have Plan A,B, and C.
  3. Story tell- Public Relation’s Professionals have to be able to tell a well detailed story, even if the situation is negative. Try to make the best light of everything and clean up the damage the best way possible.
  4. Persuade- Persuasion is key! Trying to persuade an audience to recognize and admire the company you are representing is a difficult job! Public Relations Professional’s that master this technique will be successful!
  5. Truthful-Never ever lie! That is the number one rule in Public Relations. Also do not say “no comment” it makes the company or person you are representing look guilty! Honesty is the best policy!

These tips and tricks will help you understand the keys and concepts that make a great PR professional!



How to Fest-Style

We are approaching Summer 2017, so that means Festival Season is FINALLY HERE! Whether you are going to Coachella, Bonaroo, or Lollapalooza I have style tips for you!

    1. FRINGE EVERYTHING– Fringe is one of the biggest trends at music festivals! It is playful, sexy, and timeless! Don’t go too crazy though, make sure your whole outfit isn’t fringe and incorporate other pieces.
    2. HATS, HATS, & HATS– A cute hat can complete an outfit and give it that extra something. Make sure to stay away from baseball hats and lean towards sun hats. Festivals are all about BOHEMIAN VIBES,
    3. COLORFUL CLOTHING– Festivals=Neon colors! Stand out from the crowd and rock bright pink chokers and lime green sandals. You will turn heads.
    4. JUMPSUITS-It is literally one piece! Rompers &Jumpers are 2017’s best trend! They look good on every shape and size. They are also super comfy and great for dancing. Just remember going to the bathroom might be more difficult with this specific clothing piece!
    5. RINGS-If you are going to a musical festival make sure you put a Ring on it! Rings can make your whole outfit envy worthy; so go ahead and spice up your outfit!
    6. STATEMENT NECKLACES-Go nuts with statement necklaces! They can make or break an outfit. Be positive that you are choosing necklaces that tie your outfit together and not make it a tacky disaster! (Stay away from super heavy necklaces and ones that completely clash with your dress, jumpsuit, or crop top)
    7. BOOTS– Bring out your inner cowgirl at a music fest! Vintage cowboy boots with dresses and high wasted shorts are what all of the festival fashionista’s are rocking in 2017!
    8. MAXI SKIRTS/DRESSES-Party like it is 1970 in Maxi Dresses and Skirts. Pair the skirts with a tank or a crop top to pull the look together. Also add accessories like a hat or some bangles They are adorable, comfortable, and really show that bohemian vibe that festivals are all about
    9. SANDALS– These Sandals were made for walking! Shoes are the best part of an outfit & sandals are a must. Stay away from flip-flops because you are going to do be doing a lot of walking and dancing!
    10. CROP TOPS-Crop Tops are for everyone. Whether you prefer loose or tight crop tops; anyone can rock them! Stick to bold colors and eye-catching prints to really show off your style during festival season.We are approaching summer 2017, so that means Festival Season is FINALLY HERE! Whether you are going to Coachella, Bonaroo, or Lollapalooza I have style tips for you!

With these 10 helpful style tips, you will be the best dressed at all the music festivals! Style is all about personal choice, put your own flavor to these fashion suggestions to bring out your confident side and really rock your outfit!





Why Hillary got “Trumped”


As we all know 2016 was centered around the Presidential  Election. People were going NUTS; and not just Americans but the whole world! United State Citizens either loved or hated either of the candidates or were still wondering why Bernie Sanders wasn’t the Democratic Choice. In 2017 America, Donald Trump is now our president. If you are wondering why, it is because Hillary’s Campaign Strategies reeked.  Source

Four Reasons why Hillary got “Trumped”

  1. ARROGANCE: Hillary thought she was going to win because she thought everyone was scared or despised Trump. Towards the end of her campaign she was holding fewer events than President Trump, because Clinton assumed she was going to be “Mrs. President”.
  2. THE ECONOMIC MESSAGE- Clinton focused on embracing diversity rather than economic issues. She avoided issues about the working-class and economic justice which turned some voters off.
  3. INSPIRATION- Clinton did not aim for the right voter group. Millennials and Diversity Groups were not amused with her movement. She didn’t inspire them like Sanders did she just hoped since the majority did not care for Trump they had no other option than to vote for her.
  4. THE WHITE WORKING CLASS- Trump won this group over, which is actually rare for Republicans to do. They saw Clinton as unrelated-able  and someone who has worked her way up the social ladder.

So what do you think?








Interview with an Editor

Hello! I received some helpful advice from  journalism professional, John Paul McDonall. McDonall is the editor at the Arizona Republic in Phoenix, Arizona. He has been in the journalism business for thirteen years. He graduated from New York University  in 2004 and has had multiple  impressive career choices that have led him to where he is at today. I had the chance to have a phone interview with John Paul over the weekend.

Q1: What is a typical week like?

A1: “The azcentral digital planning job involves editing stories, writing headlines, analyzing metrics and planning coverage and “play” — how stories appear on the website. I lead a team of four homepage producers and work with other editing and reporting teams across the newsroom. Every day is different in this job. Yesterday, for example, I had to schedule out posts to our Facebook page and write up a breaking news story on a fatal shooting in addition to my regular duties. Often this job is just recognizing what needs done and jumping on it”.

Q2: Tell me about a project that you worked on that you are especially proud of.

“There was a Human Rights class at Arizona state and the professor gave them two options for their final project. It was either a research paper or a group project. They had chosen a group project (the group project was a protest). Conservatives went crazy over this. They were outraged that protesting on a college campus about immigrants was considered homework. The professor ended up getting death threats and things got crazy! The Arizona Republic got a chance to debunk the rumors on social media and it was just a really interesting story”.

Q3: What do you want to keep current in the journalism industry?

A3: “I prefer online news. Technology is rapidly changing not only how readers consume news but how we report it. Readers’ shift to mobile from desktop is in full force and gaining every year. Inside the newsroom, we’re being transformed by data-mining tools and analytics”.

Q4: How important is writing in your career?

A4: “Very Important, even though most of the time I am not doing the writing. I had to have great writing skills to be where I am today. Good writing is one of the most important qualities a journalist can have.”

Q5: What three tips would you offer someone just starting out in journalism?

A5: “Be Curious. Be Eager. Read a variety of news outlets every day. Do a variety of internships. Work to improve your writing. Solicit feedback and aggressively monitor improvements made by anyone editing behind you. Don’t wait for someone to tell you to do something. Make yourself indispensable”.

Q6: What internships/jobs have you held related to journalism? Which was most impactful and why?

A6: “In college, I interned with the local newspaper in Terre Haute, with the political campaign of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and with a left-leaning think tank called Demos. (At that point, I was unsure whether I wanted to pursue a career in journalism or politics/issue advocacy.) I’ve held copy-editing jobs at the Villages Daily Sun in Florida; at the Las Vegas Sun and Las Vegas Weekly; and at the Chicago Tribune. Now I’m a digital planning editor with the Arizona Republic and azcentral.  All were impactful in different ways. In Florida, I learned the basics of editing and daily journalism. In Vegas, I practiced big-picture enterprise thinking and writing with flair. In Chicago, I plied my craft at journalism’s highest level and learned from the best. In Arizona, I learned how to lead a team and work across various departments, and how to be a senior-level editor for print and now for digital. To keep moving forward in this business, you can never stop learning”!

Check Out His LinkedIn!

I am all about Music, Marketing, and Public Relations. Personally I have a passion for writing as well. When I was in junior high I thought I would become a journalist, now seven years later I realize that is not for me! I just do not have the ambition to be a journalist!


































Don’t Panic!




5 Steps to help improve Crisis Communication!

We have all dealt with some sort of crisis in our lives, but what happens when the company or person you are representing has a sticky situation? Your favorite blogger is here to help!

I visited a website named Bernstein’s Crisis Management and got some great tips fromJonathan Bernstein!

1.Anticipate Crisis – Brainstorm all of the things that could go wrong before they do! Come up with solutions so you are prepared for the real thing!

2.Have a Trained Spokesperson!– Make sure if you are the one talking to the media and public that you are prepared and have great people skills! Always tell the truth especially in a Crisis!

3. Be Prepared to answer questions!-The more you have planned previous solutions the smoother the Crisis is going to go! Always rehearse what you are going to say!

4. Key Messages- Different forms of media have different ways of sharing information! For each outlet make sure you are using the appropriate formatting so the message gets across better!

5 Did we handle this Correctly- Post Crisis make sure to sit down and ask “Is there anything I could have done better?” And learn from analyzing the situation to help you be more prepared for the next Crisis!

So Don’t Panic! Use this tips to your advantage!









Blog Famous?


We all have a part of us that wants to become famous in one way or another. Some want to be popular artists, singers, actors, or just like the Kardashians (who are famous for absolutely no reason).  I assume the people who are reading this post want to have a killer blog. A blog that is unique, interesting, and gets you a TON of followers.  The question is “Rachel, how do I create something like that”, well I am going to tell you HOW.

Entrepreneur and Online Marketing Expert, Neil Patel gave me some tips off his post : 8 Must- Have Ingredients of a Successful Blog Post,  but of course I added my own personal thoughts to these “ingredients”.

  1. You Need A Point-If there is no point to a blog post then why are you writing it? A blog needs to have some kind of subject or topic. Do not just have meaningless babble.
  2. Images- We all love pictures! If you think a picture is cool it is more than likely you are going to read the content under it.
  3. Structure- A structured layout (Beginning, middle, and end) will make the post more organized and easier to read!
  4. BE UNIQUE- Pretty much don’t be basic. Have posts that are one of a kind. This to me is the what makes a blog FAMOUS!
  5. Length- Make sure your blog doesn’t drag on forever to bore the reader but always have enough length to prove your point!
  6. Linking- Link related posts to your site. Will help the reader explore!
  7. Grammar- Don’t lie you know you will respect a blogger better if that have good grammar.
  8. Call to Action-Have something for the reader to click on to get more information or to a cool video or image.


So now that you know not to be a boring and babbling blogger, do you think you can use this tips to become blog FAMOUS? I think YOU can! Instead of constantly saying “I should start a blog, I think it could be great”. GET SOME MOTIVATION & DO IT! Also if you want to visit Neil’s post here ya go: Link







A Music Obsessed Hot Mess


Welcome to my blog (the most basic opening)! My name is Rachel Clingerman and I am currently a broke, strong-willed, and a hot mess of a college student. I attend Indiana State University and I am majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Marketing. I am going to take my well earned 35,000 dollar degree and go into music PR. Music is my one true love ( I like it better than most people). I am constantly on Spotify or Soundcloud listening to new albums and artists, but also enjoying my favorites. I am not musically talented AT ALL, so that is why I want to work behind the scenes. I want to work for an artist, record label, or venue. My dream would be being the PR rep for a music festival like Coachella. My blog is going to center around reviews of albums, songs, and artists and how I incorporate PR into music. I promise I will try not to bore you and you might get some killer playlists out of this blog.


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