Blog Famous?


We all have a part of us that wants to become famous in one way or another. Some want to be popular artists, singers, actors, or just like the Kardashians (who are famous for absolutely no reason).  I assume the people who are reading this post want to have a killer blog. A blog that is unique, interesting, and gets you a TON of followers.  The question is “Rachel, how do I create something like that”, well I am going to tell you HOW.

Entrepreneur and Online Marketing Expert, Neil Patel gave me some tips off his post : 8 Must- Have Ingredients of a Successful Blog Post,  but of course I added my own personal thoughts to these “ingredients”.

  1. You Need A Point-If there is no point to a blog post then why are you writing it? A blog needs to have some kind of subject or topic. Do not just have meaningless babble.
  2. Images- We all love pictures! If you think a picture is cool it is more than likely you are going to read the content under it.
  3. Structure- A structured layout (Beginning, middle, and end) will make the post more organized and easier to read!
  4. BE UNIQUE- Pretty much don’t be basic. Have posts that are one of a kind. This to me is the what makes a blog FAMOUS!
  5. Length- Make sure your blog doesn’t drag on forever to bore the reader but always have enough length to prove your point!
  6. Linking- Link related posts to your site. Will help the reader explore!
  7. Grammar- Don’t lie you know you will respect a blogger better if that have good grammar.
  8. Call to Action-Have something for the reader to click on to get more information or to a cool video or image.


So now that you know not to be a boring and babbling blogger, do you think you can use this tips to become blog FAMOUS? I think YOU can! Instead of constantly saying “I should start a blog, I think it could be great”. GET SOME MOTIVATION & DO IT! Also if you want to visit Neil’s post here ya go: Link








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