Don’t Panic!




5 Steps to help improve Crisis Communication!

We have all dealt with some sort of crisis in our lives, but what happens when the company or person you are representing has a sticky situation? Your favorite blogger is here to help!

I visited a website named Bernstein’s Crisis Management and got some great tips fromJonathan Bernstein!

1.Anticipate Crisis – Brainstorm all of the things that could go wrong before they do! Come up with solutions so you are prepared for the real thing!

2.Have a Trained Spokesperson!– Make sure if you are the one talking to the media and public that you are prepared and have great people skills! Always tell the truth especially in a Crisis!

3. Be Prepared to answer questions!-The more you have planned previous solutions the smoother the Crisis is going to go! Always rehearse what you are going to say!

4. Key Messages- Different forms of media have different ways of sharing information! For each outlet make sure you are using the appropriate formatting so the message gets across better!

5 Did we handle this Correctly- Post Crisis make sure to sit down and ask “Is there anything I could have done better?” And learn from analyzing the situation to help you be more prepared for the next Crisis!

So Don’t Panic! Use this tips to your advantage!










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