Why Hillary got “Trumped”


As we all know 2016 was centered around the Presidential  Election. People were going NUTS; and not just Americans but the whole world! United State Citizens either loved or hated either of the candidates or were still wondering why Bernie Sanders wasn’t the Democratic Choice. In 2017 America, Donald Trump is now our president. If you are wondering why, it is because Hillary’s Campaign Strategies reeked.  Source

Four Reasons why Hillary got “Trumped”

  1. ARROGANCE: Hillary thought she was going to win because she thought everyone was scared or despised Trump. Towards the end of her campaign she was holding fewer events than President Trump, because Clinton assumed she was going to be “Mrs. President”.
  2. THE ECONOMIC MESSAGE- Clinton focused on embracing diversity rather than economic issues. She avoided issues about the working-class and economic justice which turned some voters off.
  3. INSPIRATION- Clinton did not aim for the right voter group. Millennials and Diversity Groups were not amused with her movement. She didn’t inspire them like Sanders did she just hoped since the majority did not care for Trump they had no other option than to vote for her.
  4. THE WHITE WORKING CLASS- Trump won this group over, which is actually rare for Republicans to do. They saw Clinton as unrelated-able  and someone who has worked her way up the social ladder.

So what do you think?









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