What Is Public Relations?

What is PR_

Hello! I know you love my tips about how to succeed at public relations and this will be the most helpful yet! I know you are thinking “Rachel, where is your picture?”, well i decided to create an infographic about the main components of Public Relations. These 5 Elements will lead you to succeed! I got my advice from Forbes.Com!

  1. Image- As a Public Relations Professional you are constantly trying to create images to make the person or company you are representing look GOOD. The more communication and details professional’s use to make positive images the better the reputation.
  2. Preparation-Always be prepared! The more a PR professional is ready to handle the good, bad, and the ugly the better the situation will be handled. Always have Plan A,B, and C.
  3. Story tell- Public Relation’s Professionals have to be able to tell a well detailed story, even if the situation is negative. Try to make the best light of everything and clean up the damage the best way possible.
  4. Persuade- Persuasion is key! Trying to persuade an audience to recognize and admire the company you are representing is a difficult job! Public Relations Professional’s that master this technique will be successful!
  5. Truthful-Never ever lie! That is the number one rule in Public Relations. Also do not say “no comment” it makes the company or person you are representing look guilty! Honesty is the best policy!

These tips and tricks will help you understand the keys and concepts that make a great PR professional!



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